About us

At Autel we have been working 40 years on ideas and solutions to improve the quality of life for people affected by impairment

The sense of our mission is to continue to invest in research and in technology to give the best support we can to this cause.


Behind the safety and reliability of Autel hearing aids there is a team of researchers that follows closely every technological innovation in the world's audiology sector.

Highly trained technicians, working with sophisticated hi-tech equipment, work on all the elements gathered by the research group, to design and produce the modern Autel hearing aids.

Access to the latest advances of science inspires our technological innovations.


The various components of each hearing aid are commercially produced with modern methods that benefit from the technological knowledge of the leading companies.

Every step of the production is supported by specific machinery and every phase is subject to constant checks, to ensure that each product conforms to the quality standardsdemanded by Autel.