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Bone Conduction Headset

Melody Flex, the new bone conduction headset is AUTEL's solution to improve hearing quality of those affected by hearing loss treatable by bone conduction.

Light wear
for a powerful hearing

Melody Flex can be applied especially to those who suffer from hearing impairment due to physical deformities that limit the application of other hearing aids.

Melody Flex is a form of alternative conduction to the bone conduction spectacles. It is highly suited to those affected by hearing loss who seek an effective solution, that is also discreet and elegant.

Melody Flex has been designed with materials that have been chosen in order to obtain an object which is light to wear and has a refined design so to offer a comfortable and pleasant use.

A telescopic system and 4 joining points for a complete adaptability to any patient

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The strong point of Melody Flex

Flex system

With Autel Flex system the fitting of the hearing aid becomes faster and more efficient thanks to the cold shaping process.

Personalise it

Personalise it with various colour combinations. Various colour options for the headset's cover and both the hearing aid and bone conductor.

Telescopic System

The fitting telescopic system is simple and it permits an easy positioning of the conductor on the mastoid area.


POWER technology is a stronger version of the hearing aid's bone conductor that consequently has an increased power compared to the standard one.