Beta Flex Extend is a revolutionary bone conduction hearing aid born from Autel’s research, a company with forty years experience in the research of innovative solutions in the hearing aid field.

The cold shaping process

Establish rapidly and with the utmost precision the right adjustment of the bone conductor.

With the innovative Autel Flex system the fitting of the hearing aid is made simpler and more effective by using a cold shaping process so to ensure that the bone conductor is perfectly positioned over the mastoid area of the patient’s ear. With Beta Flex Extend we can finally say goodbye to the old method of hot shaping and considerably improve the time and the final result of a hearing aid fitting.

The strong points of Beta Flex Extend

More adherence, more precision best performance

The innovative cold shaping process enables the audiologist to achieve greater applied precision than that obtained with traditional systems. The simplicity of the shaping technique makes it possible to establish rapidly and with the utmost precision the right adjustment of the bone conductor to the mastoid area increasing the adherence of the hearing aid as well as improving its performance.

Simpler, faster, no errors

When using the traditional hot shaping method it takes on average 25 minutes to adjust the hearing aid to the correct size. now, with the Flex system, this procedure has been greatly simplified and offers the audiologist considerable TiME SAVing together with higher quality of the end product.

Optimal adherence

More comfort and a higher performance

The telescopic system, besides being more immediate, is extremely precise, allowing the device to perfectly fit to the patient’s physiognomy. This means significant advantages for both the comfort and the sound performance.

The concept of BETA Flex Extend is based on 2 main aims:

  • improving the quality of the audiologist’s work
  • Enhancing the acoustic performance of the hearing aid to provide the user with a higher standard of hearing

increased hearing aid adherence

The innovative cold shaping system enables the audiologist to achieve greater applied precision.

telescopic extension system

Simply slide the extension to the desired lenght and tighten screw.

made in italy design

A modern, slim, light spectacle, carefully designed in all its details. All made of the best quality materials.


Design made in Italy

We have created a range of products that combines maximum performance and a design finished off in every detail and made with excellent materials.

Beta Flex offers classic, sophisticated and modern models and the customer can choose to personalise them thanks to the multiple options of shapes and colours available to each component.