Melody Baby

Bone conduction hearing aid headband

Melody baby is a bone conduction hearing device whose function is to correct transmission type hypoacusis caused by bilateral Atresia Auris.

This is a pathology which consists in a non development of the ear auricle and in the failure of the external auditory conduit. This pathology creates a serious hearing loss pantonal transmission. Today neonatal screening helps to early highlight the hearing loss and reducing the consequences by intervening during the first weeks of life. The stimulus received utilizing Melody Baby, this bone conduction device, will enable the child to develop the language, that otherwise will be compromised by the hearing loss. In order to ensure a safe use, the hearing aid is contained within a soft elastic band that allows placing the bone vibrator so to be perfectly adapted at the center of the child forehead, therefore avoiding possible abrasion. The closure of the elastic band, through a velvet ribbon allows to adapt perfectly to the head circumference of the child therefore optimizing at any time the pressure released by the bone vibrator.

This solution offers the opportunity a flawless adaption avoiding the risk of prosthesis by grafting, although the baby is lying in the cot on a side or supine. The use of digital technology allows both a very reduced size for this hearing aid device, and makes it simple and easy to handle all settings, that will need to be modified over time accordingly to the growth of the child and his new hearing needs .

Technical Specs CEI 29- 13 (IEC118-9)

Output force level max
Peak 108 dB rel.1 N
1.600 Hz 96 dB rel.1 N
Mechanical acoustic sensitivity level AMSL
Peak 37 dB
1.600 Hz 30 dB
Mechanical acoustic sensitivity level RTG 21 dB
Frequency range 200 Hz 4000 Hz
Equivalent noise level 32 dB rel.1 N
Induction coil sensitivity (10mA/m) < 5,0 / 0,2 / 0,1 %
Battery current < 1,6 mA
Battery type (Zinco-aria) 13
Average battery life @210 h
Reference test frequency 1600 Hz

Available colors
White, Pink, Blue.

Cable: 4 pin.Standard
Progr.Box: HIPRO - Box
Software: AutelFBC

Programming with Trimmers
VC = Volume Control
PC = Power Control
LC = Low Control

Technical Specs